Bamboo Bath Pouf

Bamboo Bath Pouf

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ABamboo version of the classic bath pouf, soft and great for the perfect lather. A fun washcloth alternative to lather up, and make bubbles! 

Eco-friendly alternative to regular bath poufs which are made of plastic, lets keep plastic out of the landfills and oceans. 

  • Ingredients
  • How To Use

🌿 Made of 100% biodegradable and sustainable bamboo, anti-bacterial and super smooth finish

🍃 Beautiful, elegant & simple design

♻️ Sustainable and Natural Environmentally Friendly

Wet and then apply your favourite Lush Ocean body wash, suds away. Ensure to rinse excess soap and hang to dry.

How to care for your facecloth:
Wash in cold water or normal cycle
Use mild detergent
Do not use bleach or fabric softener
Tumble dry on low heat or air dry

*Please wash before first use*

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