Our Story

Welcome to Lush Ocean! Lush Ocean is a brand that was created out of genuine intentions to provide natural body products that are safe for use by every member of the family.

Created with the understanding of the meaning and importance of chemical-free body products, Lush Ocean is set to enrich the body of customers with the natural freshness that speaks volume about the refreshing properties of our bath and body products.

A brand that is focused on creating a unique line of products from the richness of nature, leading to bath and body products that are not just natural but also gentle on the skin, capable of achieving great results for the customer and the entire family.

At Lush Ocean, we care so much about embracing the gifts of nature and inspiring others to use natural products for their body. Through our products, we reconnect the human body with the natural world in the most satisfying way.

Producing natural bath and body products does not stop with selecting the content but also its production process and packaging. Our products contain zero chemical preservatives as this goes against our 100% natural stand. With absolute respect for nature, our products are wrapped up in a recyclable or sleek biodegradable packaging, which would, in turn, reduce wastes generated in our environments, thereby preserving the environment.

Lush Ocean body products are manufactured by hand in small batches. Our entire production process does not include the involvement of middlemen. This is to ensure our products stay entirely genuine and natural, leaving no room for external influence. We believe going back to basics can help us focus on what matters.

Lush Ocean is not about making huge profits alone; we consider it our ethical responsibility to play a role in environmental conservation. This has led us to state that a considerable portion of our profits will be committed to notable organizations such as whale and turtle conservation.

If you are looking for ways to stay natural, you can start by choosing our natural bath and body products while you watch out for the thrilling results that will inspire you to go further in choosing more natural products.